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Hunger woes


Today I feel like giving myself a pat on the back for managing to feed my family of three on the small amount of money we have every month.  We eat far too much pasta for my husband’s liking and can’t afford the Doritos my daughter asks for every time we go grocery shopping but they at least are not going hungry.  There was a couple on Rachel Ray a few months ago that said their weekly food budget was $60.00 a week.  I wish I had that.  It’s funny how just a few months ago when I still worked full time I thought we were hard pressed to live on $600.00 a month for food.  Necessity makes you creative and helps you to learn to live on a little.  I do admit that I personally skip meals and eat only a half portion of dinner to ensure leftovers for my husbands lunch the next day.  I do get so angry when he decides to buy lunch instead of eating them.  Is it a win if I myself am going hungry? The hunger doesn’t help my anger issues or feeling of resentment so I am making a vow to myself to make sure to take care of myself.  I need to eat just as much as the other members of my family.