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So things for our family are becoming a lot easier for our family as I am no longer a stay at home mom.

At the beginning of April we got the call from the local YMCA that a spot had opened up in the before and after school care program for Monkey.  I had three days to decide if we wanted to take it and it was a huge decision to make as I didn’t have a job to go back to.  After much deliberation I decided to go for it as we honestly need the second income and no matter when a spot came up it would be the same case… paying for the spot before I had a job to pay for the spot.  Thankfully my MIL was able to help us out one last time.  It took me about four weeks to find a job but I have been working full time since May 5. We are adjusting to our new routines.  I don’t think this current job is the best fit for our family so I am still  looking for something with a bit less hours as I am currently working five days a week and don’t get home until after dinner.  That being said, having full cupboards again is honestly the best feeling in the whole world and my heart goes out to all the other families struggling to feed their families.

We are slowly going to build up a savings account so that any financial set backs won’t having us live pay cheque to pay cheque again.


In Praise of the Net


I love Pinterest. I realize that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it has really helped me to experiment in the kitchen.  I have never really enjoyed cooking, preferring to bake if needing to choose but as a Mom I don’t have much of a choice.  Although I have been using Pinterest for a couple of years it has only been in that last few months that I have been trying the recipes that I pin.  There are so many other families just like mine trying to live on less and I love how the internet gives us a chance to share ideas.  Sometimes I make substitutions as we do not have all the ingredients on hand and I am finding that to be fun too.  Today I tried to make caramels using the recipe found here  It smells fantastic.

I am also starting to decorate for Valentine’s Day.  I found a pin for the cutest paper bird about two years ago and have planned to make them every year since.  I have had the scrap paper and paper clips sitting on my night stand for just as long.  This is my week’s goal to finally make them.

Completed today is a paper heart tree branch craft.  I probably should look for a few more branches outside to add to it but alas it is almost pick up time for school.

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The weather has turned colder here in Burnaby, BC but yesterday I did notice some signs of spring.