Monthly Archives: June 2014

Growing up


As I was getting my pulling down the blinds in my daughter’s room tonight in anticipation of bed time I started thinking about how much she has changed over these last few months of school.  It is quite amazing to witness just how much of an impact school has on their maturity levels and their actions.  As I watched her pull her pony tail through the back of her baseball hat a few weeks ago I couldn’t help but wonder who taught you that and when did it become such a natural move?

I keep thinking but you are only five and a half when I should be thinking…. yes, you are five and a half and you can put your coat on without flipping it over your head, you just know to pull your pony tail through your hat, and you don’t want your mom to kiss you goodbye in front of all of your friends at the Y.  As much as it bothered me for her to call me Mama instead of Mummy, I am starting to miss it now that it is over.   Tonight she asked me if I wanted her to grow up like Elsa so should could help me with chores around the house and I told her no, I like her being a five year old.